Case studies - AgroTech

Innovative crop monitoring system based on satellite images  

AgroTech is a research project launched by CloudFerro. The project is aimed at creating an innovative system of crop classification and crop change detection technology, through the analysis of satellite images using advanced machine learning algorithms.

Satellite data in the crop monitoring

Satellite data is an excellent source of information for the management of agriculture crops. The main advantages of remote sensing Earth surface monitoring are the consistency and repeatability of data, as well as the accuracy of measurements 

The ability to analyze vast areas of land automatically with the use of advanced machine learning algorithms makes obtained data more accurate and their acquisition process faster and less expensive then field inspectiopns, which makes it easier and faster to make decisions in crop management, as well as compensation payments or subsidies to farmers

AgroTech project assumptions

The AgroTech project aims to develop and verify in the operational environment the technology of land cover and crop classification as well as the detection of changes in crops. The technology developed in the project is based on the analysis of satellite data using the machine learning algorithms developed for the project: 

Sen4CAP pozwala na wygenerowanie wielu przydatnych produktów, wspierających analizy rolnicze:

Land cover

Crop type

Detection of

Advanced machine
learning algorithms

Agrotech project beneficiaries

The project is dedicated to agricultural agencies, large-scale agricultural entrepreneurs and individual farmers from all over Europe. 

Project implementation

The project "Development and verification of technology for classification of crops and detection of changes in crops, including the detection of selected diseases and pests, by analyzing satellite images using machine learning algorithms."  

In the AgroTech project, the primary source of satellite data is Sentinel series satellites and very high-resolution data.  

New algorithms, methods, and products are processed in the CREODIAS cloud computing environment, the supplier and operator of which is CloudFerro.

Project schedule and financing

According to the project schedule, the prototype will be ready by the end of February 2023, and the ready solution will be launched at the beginning of 2024. CloudFerro has signed a contract for financing the project with the National Center for Research and Development (NCBiR), and the project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.  

The total value of the project is PLN 8,269,036.03, including the NCBiR funds: PLN 5,827,336.18.  

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