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Exploring CloudFerro teams opens a window into a world of cloud computing expertise, where dedicated professionals collaborate to harness the power of cutting-edge technologies. Dive into our diverse skill sets and discover how we drive innovation in cloud-based solutions.


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The Cloud team is responsible for providing and maintaining the basic mechanisms of the virtual environment: the computing power, the network that allows them to communicate with each other and the associated systems that connect all the components to each other.

Cloud environment

In our hands is the development of the virtual cloud environment.

Technical support

We are responsible for providing technical support to internal and external customers.


We see a huge potential in Open Source Cloud Software.

Open minds

We are geeks who enjoy experimenting and creating innovative solutions


Imagine a world without computers, with all your notes written down on pieces of paper. In the Storage team, we are responsible for ensuring that these pieces of paper are stored in the right place and that there is always space to store them.

Responsibility for the data environment

We create data environments, maintain them, expand them, upgrade them.

Unique tools

We develop tools for managing and monitoring entire environments.

Integrated team

We are building a close-knit team based on collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing.

DB Monitoring

Monitoring is like a radar for a spacecraft - without it, it is easy to get lost in the endless space of problems. The monitoring team exists to keep an eye on the health of systems, enabling the detection of potential failures before they become disasters. In the event of a failure, we pinpoint the location of the incident to the operations teams, enabling rapid repair. We build and maintain the infrastructure to keep our monitoring running smoothly.

Masters of trace interpretation

We make sure that the logs have ideal conditions for development.

We discover hidden stories in the code

We maintain ELK clusters and tool delivery.

Company systems in our hands

Our remit also includes the creation, maintenance and optimisation of database clusters such as MySQL, PSQL, Elasticsearch, Opensearch and Redis.


We ensure the operation of a highly sophisticated, modern and reliable network that guarantees connectivity for cloud services, servers, storage, containers etc.
We are involved in planning, analysing available technologies and their testing, troubleshooting and configuring equipment, without which no systems in the company would be available.

Working as part of the network team offers great opportunities to develop your skills in network and cloud technologies, as well as working on large-scale, rewarding projects. No one is left without support. New team members can count on the help of more experienced colleagues. We are committed to making the implementation process enjoyable and efficient.


We implement solutions for monitoring and alerting. We handle security configuration, monitoring of alert-connected systems, implementation of security patches, proactive threat response and vulnerability scanning.

We ensure that security procedures and Security Awerness are followed. We test both security and new solutions for the Security business area. We advise on solutions and hardening of existing systems. Our team is close-knit and willing to help, and the scope for development is huge - it just takes a bit of willingness to spread our wings even in areas we have not yet recognised ourselves.


Our team is critical to ensuring that the right infrastructure and hardware is in place to deliver cloud services. We are responsible for identifying, selecting and purchasing the hardware required to build and maintain cloud infrastructure. This includes servers, network equipment, storage and other components. We maintain up-to-date knowledge of the quantity and condition of hardware in the data centres and are responsible for scheduling hardware deliveries in such a way as to avoid interruptions to cloud services. We are also responsible for the installation and configuration of physical servers and network equipment in the data centres.

We monitor hardware performance to identify any problems and optimise the performance of the cloud infrastructure. In the event of failures or performance issues, we diagnose and repair the equipment and keep it in good working order. We have the opportunity to travel to different locations in Europe where our data centres are located. We are a close-knit team, which translates into a positive atmosphere in daily cooperation.

Software Developers

We create and develop advanced distributed systems. Their task is to provide services for the extensive processing of satellite data, of which we collect and catalogue vast quantities. In order for our systems to work efficiently, we need services to retrieve, describe and record this data. To this end, we are building and continuously developing platforms to access, search and upload this data. In addition, we are providing users with separate services to run dedicated algorithms for processing satellite data.

If you join the Soft Developers team, you can expect to explore dozens of projects, assembling them into one cohesive ecosystem, delivering data from European satellites directly to our customers. Working with us, you will learn how to write clean and beautiful code, get to know the workings of applications from behind the scenes while working on their deployments using kubernetes and analysing logs caught by external software.

Quality Assurance 

Our aim is to ensure the best quality of our projects and products. We are present from the very beginning of the manufacturing process - from requirements gathering and task definition to implementation and post-production support. We are involved in automation-based testing and also support the entire quality process.

You too can become a Quality Guardian! We work with state-of-the-art technology. We are not afraid of challenges and new areas to cover with testing. We support every part of the delivered software, both Frontend and Backend.

We are present throughout the entire software development process: we analyse, test and monitor. We cooperate with development, business and support in order to continuously improve the quality of our services. We focus on modern testing and look for new ready-made solutions. We also carry out internal projects to improve our work.


Our task is to ensure the smooth and reliable deployment of applications and infrastructure. The main purpose of the DevOps team's existence is to integrate application development activities and operations, enabling an automated and efficient deployment environment, mainly on Kubernetes clusters. The DevOps team provides CI/CD tools to facilitate and automate the building, testing and deployment of applications. We also take care of monitoring the performance of clusters and applications, providing metrics, alerts and log collection to help identify and diagnose failures.

Working with us, you get the opportunity to work on enhancing the company's services, developing and delivering dedicated software.

Customer Support

Welcome to the Customer Support Team, the heart of our satellite data access and cloud computing business!
We play a vital role in providing comprehensive support to our customers, enabling them to use satellite data without any disruption. Our main goal is to quickly and efficiently resolve any issues that may arise during the use of our services.

Our team is constantly facing new challenges, especially in the area of cloud computing infrastructure. Dynamically evolving tools require us to continuously improve  our skills, which makes the work interesting and offers many opportunities for development. We are a team that is always there to help, shares knowledge and works together to achieve goals. A friendly atmosphere and positive energy within the team are what we value a lot. We are committed to ensuring that our team is well integrated. We regularly organise team-building events that have a positive impact on our work, while in our free time we enjoy outdoor meetings or skiing trips together.

Network Operations Center 

Want to be on the front line of the technological revolution? At CloudFerro, our NOC team is not just monitoring and managing networks. It is the heart of our operations that beats 24/7/365, guaranteeing the uninterrupted operation and security of our infrastructures.
We work in shifts so that we remain available to our clients and are constantly on standby for the challenges that lie ahead. Our tasks go beyond the typical scope of the NOC. We are also responsible for the security aspects as an integrated SOC, monitoring and managing a variety of technologies, from cloud computing to containerisation to data repositories.

In our Team, we focus on looking for continuous improvement and innovative solutions. We support and encourage the development of monitoring, automation and scripting skills, ensuring that working for us never gets boring.

Data Analysis and Reporting 

We create mechanisms, analyse the sources of problems and take care of monitoring the metrics of the projects we implement. We build and develop tools so that our clients and employees can enjoy relevant dashboards. We analyse, verify and meet our clients' requirements for extensive reports. To meet their needs, we analyse data from multiple sources based on a variety of technologies.

We are responsible for implementing standards for the visualisation of data so that they are understandable to end users. We are the ones who ensure that reports for our clients are of high quality and delivered on time.

Service Delivery Management

We are involved in the operational maintenance of our projects. Where the work of the Project Manger ends with the handover of the project, this is where the work of the Service Delivery Manager begins. We are the First Point of Contact for our clients and consultants. We prepare monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

We attend incidents and ensure that we deliver CARs (Corrective Action Reports). We take part in operational meetings. We take care of the overall order of the entire project. We maintain direct contact and work with organisations such as ESA, EEA, EUMETSAT, ECMWF which is both interesting and very challenging.

Sales & Business Development 

We are responsible for sales and customer relations, both current and future. We are a link between the market and the rest of the company. We create and interpret customer requirements and adapt our offer accordingly. We cooperate with the European Commission and government agencies, and space agencies, who shape the space market in Europe. We also present our offer at conferences, trade fairs, and webinars.

With our knowledge of customer requirements, competitor offerings and industry trends, we also play a major role in further developing current CloudFerro services and defining new ones.

A wide range of responsibilities of our Business Development makes it a very diverse team that is hard to find anywhere else. Among us there are graduates in geoinformatics, computer science, physics and business studies. What we have in common is that we take a great interest in our clients and are truly interested in what they do. We also enjoy a great rapport with one another, which is why our team is very close-knit. So, if:

  • you don't dread the challenges of a complex proposal,
  • you have writing skills,
  • you enjoy travel, conferences and speaking engagements,
  • you thrive on teamwork and individual challenges,
  • you like and know how to describe complex technical concepts in a way that outsiders can understand,
  • you are not intimidated by independent decision-making,

and you are ready to delve into the world of big data from space and cloud computing, our Department is open for you!

Product Management

CloudFerro Product Management team is in charge of ensuring that our product offer provides optimal experience for our clients. This starts with building business requirements based on the technology trends and commercial field. We ensure that the component teams have good understanding of the vision behind our product roadmaps. We are also involved in the delivery of the solutions that often involve multiple teams e.g. Business Development, Data Science, Software Development, System Engineers, Customer Support. We ensure that the individual contributions behind these efforts translate to best overall result and value for our clients.

If you would like to work with an exciting product, search no more. We are using and developing most exciting technologies out there. At CloudFerro you will work on products that intersect Cloud and Space sectors, and proudly utilize top open source technologies. 

Data Science

We are involved in the latest techniques in the acquisition, processing and sharing of huge satellite data sets. The aim of our work is to make users of our platforms able to process both individual images and entire archives. Data Science is also the implementation of advanced machine learning, deep learning or artificial intelligence methods for satellite data processing - such as classification, object detection or time series analysis. Being able to develop these methods directly on the CREODIAS platform is extremely exciting for us. At the moment, it is the largest repository of satellite data of the world-renowned Copernicus space programme.

Among us are scientists, geoinformaticians, specialists in satellite remote sensing and geographic information systems. We are united by an interest in data processing automation and a will to learn everything about satellite data, its formats, processing methods and computational scalability.
We carry out national and international projects, participate in many scientific conferences and trade fairs where we meet interesting people in the space industry.


The goal of the Marketing Department is to build the CloudFerro brand, generate leads and support the projects implemented by the company from the marketing side. We conduct PR activities, communication in social media, digital campaigns promoting our products and initiatives, develop a website and platforms with customer services. We participate in numerous conferences, events and workshops, during which we present an innovative approach to storing, processing and dissaminating large data sets, sustainable cloud computing services, our contribution to building Europe's technological sovereignty and open-source technologies.

If you are a creative person, interested in brand building and PR activities for a company that is becoming a European leader providing cloud services for the space sector – join us!

Project Management

At the PMO, we deliver projects for external and internal clients. We coordinate project work and define standards, rules for the creation and management of project documentation. We coordinate activities to achieve the objectives of our projects. We prepare project assumptions, plan, delegate tasks, monitor the scope of the schedule and project budget. We monitor contractual deadlines. We manage changes and risks at all stages of the project.
In addition to project tasks, we also participate in the organisation's transformation processes.

We have diverse expertise and experience - everyone can find their place here. Open communication, sharing of ideas and a sense of humour make for a great atmosphere.

Human Resources

Our department takes part in building strong teams and actively supports CloudFerrians' professional development. We are convinced that high qualifications and a close-knit team are the most important pillars of the company's growth. We make sure that both new and long-standing employees feel cared for and understood. We take numerous measures to foster a good team atmosphere and employee integration, and we support the professional development of our employees. No less important aspects of our work are topics related to payroll, ensuring correct employee documentation or making sure that benefits are in place.

Our work is about people, we love interacting with them and helping them with their day-to-day affairs. If you have a passion for enabling people to improve their contribution to the organization and want to support our human resources team, feel free to join us.

Office Management

We support the organisation in its day-to-day operation and development, taking care of the working comfort of our employees. We handle the office comprehensively and support the company's sales, accounts receivable, financing and administration processes. We take care of invoicing, document circulation, payment processing and contracts. We support management and employees. We have the opportunity to work with different departments within the company. Thanks to this diversity, we avoid monotony and develop different skills.