Senior Software Engineer

Warsaw, Remote

CloudFerro is a provider of cloud data processing services. It provides and supports cloud computing for specialized markets, including the European space industry, climate research and science.

It has extensive experience in storing and processing large data sets, including multi-petabyte Earth observation satellite data repositories. CloudFerro solutions are used by leading companies and scientific institutions in Europe from various market sectors that process large data sets: European Space Agency (ESA), EUMETSAT, European Center for Medium-Range Forecasts (ECMWF), Mercator Ocean International, German Aerospace Agency (DLR), EGI and many others.

Due to our dynamic development, we are looking to join our team a:

What will be your tasks?

  • Developing a system for the efficient dispersion of calculations involving the processing of satellite imagery (projects for the European Space Agency);
  • working on a backend handling large amounts of data;
  • developing a system for processing billing events;
  • adding new features to the application and technical improvements such as refactoring or increasing test coverage.

Technologies and tools we use:

  • on a day-to-day basis we use: Python3.8+, SQLAlchemyDjango, DjangoRestFramework, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ;
  • our Software Development department consists of nearly 50 developers, testers, analysts and devops;
  • we rely on tools: Kubernetes, Tanka, ArgoCD;
  • automation plays an important role in our work;
  • our monitoring is based on Prometheus + ELK;
  • we practice Code Review, CI/CD, good practices, Testing;
  • we work on Linux;
  • we work based on Scrum/Agile;
  • we use tools: Git, Confluence, Jira.

We are looking for developers who:

  • have min. 6 years programming experience in commercial projects;
  • have completed a computer science/related degree (or in the process of doing so);
  • write readable and efficient code (preferred language: Python or willing to learn);
  • have a good foundation in algorithms and data structures;
  • are familiar with SQL;
  • have knowledge of Linux;
  • have experience of writing unit tests in accordance with TDD;
  • are willing to continuously develop and update their knowledge;
  • are comfortable communicating in English.

What do we offer?

  • Working with us, you will carry out projects for the European space industry, climate research and science;
  • we adopt a hybrid or remote working model and are flexible in terms of working hours;
  • we are open to new ideas and discuss solutions together, so you learn and have the opportunity for continuous development;
  • we give you a high degree of autonomy in terms of work organisation,
  • you will have a real impact on technical and business decisions in your project,
  • you will work with people you can always count on - we have top-notch specialists and experts in their fields on board,
  • we offer attractive remuneration based on stable forms of employment,
  • you will receive a social package - medical care, multisport, life insurance;
  • you will have the opportunity to take language classes.

Want to know more?

Feel free to contact our recruitment team:

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Software Development

Our task is to ensure the smooth and reliable deployment of applications and infrastructure. The main purpose of the DevOps team's existence is to integrate application development activities and operations, enabling an automated and efficient deployment environment, mainly on Kubernetes clusters.