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cloudferro career

We are the largest company in the Polish space sector. We deliver and operate cloud based platforms for specialized markets – the European space sector, climate research and science.

Our customers include the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) and the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF). CloudFerro team currently consists of more than 200 professionals and enthusiasts who specialize mainly in information technology, OpenSource, software development, hardware, Earth observation, and management. We create an inspiring workplace, where everyone feels comfortable and can build a space career together with us.


Amazing atmosphere

Open-minded, free-spirited and flexible - our people form a close-knit team that is not intimidated by any technical challenge.

Specialists in their domains

We employ the best specialists, passionate in their fields, who develop our unique know-how.

Space projects

We create and develop satellite data processing platforms. Our technologies support solutions in areas such as climate monitoring, environmental protection and meteorology.

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Benefits we offer

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Hybrid work

We combine work at home and contact with the team in the office - depending on the department and team, we offer various forms of hybrid work.

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Comfortable office

Our office located in the attractive district of Powiśle, offers you everything you need to work comfortably – a free parking, a chillout room, tasty coffee, fruits, and a pizza day.

Career - healthcare

For your health

Our benefits package includes co-financing of a Multisport card, medical care and health insurance.

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Flexible forms of employment

We offer various forms of cooperation, depending on the needs of the candidate, and attractive remuneration.

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Training and development

We support the development of our employees, We make sure that we constantly improve our competencies - both technical and soft.

Career - sport

We like sports

We subsidize the Multisport card and support our sports teams.

Career - integration

Team events and integrations

We love to socialize - in smaller and larger teams.

Career - language

Language classes

We finance foreign language learning - you can learn English, German, French or Italian.

Career - management

Coaching support

A life and business coach is available to all CloudFerrians.

Meet our teams!

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The Cloud team is responsible for providing and maintaining the basic mechanisms of the virtual environment: the computing power, the network that allows them to communicate with each other and the associated systems that connect all the components to each other. In our hands is the development of the virtual cloud environment.

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Imagine a world without computers, with all your notes written down on pieces of paper. In the Storage team, we are responsible for ensuring that these pieces of paper are stored in the right place and that there is always space to store them. We create environments for data, maintain them, extend them, upgrade them, but also develop tools to manage and monitor entire environments.

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DB Monitoring

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Monitoring is like radar for a spacecraft - without it, it is easy to get lost in the endless space of problems. The monitoring team exists to keep an eye on the health of systems, enabling the detection of potential failures before they become disasters. In the event of a failure, we pinpoint the location of the incident to the operations teams, enabling rapid repair. We build and maintain the infrastructure to keep our monitoring running smoothly.

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We ensure the operation of a highly sophisticated, modern and reliable network that guarantees connectivity for cloud services, servers, storage, containers etc.
We are involved in planning, analysing available technologies and their testing, troubleshooting and configuring equipment, without which no systems in the company would be available.

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Network Operation Center

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Want to be on the front line of the technological revolution? At CloudFerro, our NOC team is not just monitoring and managing networks. It is the heart of our operations that beats 24/7/365, guaranteeing the uninterrupted operation and security of our infrastructures.

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Data Analysis & Report

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We create mechanisms, analyse the sources of problems and take care of monitoring the metrics of the projects we implement. We build and develop tools so that our clients and employees can enjoy relevant dashboards. We analyse, verify and meet our clients' requirements for extensive reports. For their needs, we analyse data from multiple sources based on a variety of technologies.

Technology stack

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Awards and prizes

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EARSC EO Company Award 2023

EARSC EO Company Award 2023 for the development of the Creodias platform.

CloudFerro, operator of the CREODIAS Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem platform, has been awarded the prestigious EARSC EO Company Award 2023 presented annually by the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies EARSC.

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Best in Cloud 2021 by Computerworld

Best in Cloud 2021 competition organised by Computerworld
- 1st place for CREODIAS in the category of Best PaaS test and development platform,
- 2nd place for CREODIAS in the category of Best Performance and Integration.

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Polish-German Economic Award 2020

CloudFerro with the Polish-German Economic Award 2020 for the CODE-DE project for the
DLR German Space Agency.

Find out how we recruit

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Have you found an offer that interests you? Apply!
If you don't see an interesting cooperation offer for you at the moment, no problem, send us your resume, we will consider it for future recruitment.

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Let's talk!

Have you applied? Now it's time for our move. If your resume matches our expectations, we will invite you to an online meeting. The conversation will allow us to get to know each other better. We will introduce you to CloudFerro world, you will tell us about yourself, your experience and expectations.

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Technical interview

In this part we will test your technical skills. During the meeting you will also get to know the Team Leader/Manager. We are open to questions from your side. This is a key moment for both of us to decide about cooperation.

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Job offer

We have chosen you… it's time for your move. Will you join CloudFerro adventure? We are waiting for your decision.

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Welcome to CloudFerro!

It's time to sign the contract.
Welcome to the team! Prepare for implementation training. Your buddy will be there to help You. We are happy to have you with us.

Want to know more?

Feel free to contact our recruitment team:

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Małgorzata Duda

Recruitment Expert



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Wioletta Dobkowska

Recruitment Expert



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IT Architect

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Take a look at CloudFerro Team

Our close-knit team is largely the result of numerous team-building activities we regularly organize for our employees. See how we spend our time on team-building trips and have fun at company events!

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